Festera - Student company of the year 2017 in Europe

Festera was founded as a student company and awarded with the title of Student Company of the Year 2017 in Estonia and Europe. Founders of Festera are 4 ambitious and open-minded high school students  whose greater goal was to change the world and discover what the world of start-ups has to offer.

Our team:

Kris-Robin Sirge
Product Manager and Innovator

Kris is our tech guru and inventing is his passion. First bioboxes were built with his own bare hands!

Joonatan Oras

CEO & Visionary

Joonatan's excellent communicating skills have brought us a number of clients and loyal partners. Looking into the future is his favorite pastime.

Sandra Võsaste
COO & Finances

Sandra keeps the company on track by taking care of finances. She loves letters more than numbers, though - Festera's marketing is the right place for her writing skills.

Sven Erik Kalberg 
Developer & Production Manager

Sven is our engineering guru who currently studies Product development in University of Technology in Tallinn.

Kevin Reisenbuk

Project Manager

Kevin's idea was the reason why it all got started. His enthusiasm continues to encourage the entire team, he also makes sure that all of Festera's short-term projects would succeed.